TMR 磁気センサおよびスイッチ

TMR(トンネル磁気抵抗効果)技術を取り込んだ高性能RedRock™ アナログ/デジタルTMR磁気センサーはいろいろな市場において最先端の技術が要求される用途に使われています。 TMR磁気センサーは、消費電力が極めて小さく、感度が非常に高く、非常に小型で短納期、競争力の高い価格帯の製品で、次世代のセキュリティ、計測器、医療、車両、生産設備、産業用途に最適な製品となっています。 この製品がターゲットにしている用途は液体のレベル計測、開閉検知、近接検知、回転センサー、スマホ、タブレット、ラップトップPC、アラームなどでさらに用途が広がっています。

REDROCK TMRの一覧表がダウンロードできます



wdt_IDPart NumberCoto Part NumberDatasheetMagnetic Polarity ResponseOperative Sensitivity (G)Release Sensitivity (G)Frequency (Hz)IAVG (µA)Temp Rating (ºC)Supply Voltage (VDD)Output ResponsePackageAxis of Sensitivity
1RR122-1A22-511RR122-1A22-511Omnipolar9510.135-40 to +851.7 to 5.5Active LowSOT-23-3X-Axis
2RR122-1A22-512RR122-1A22-512Omnipolar9510.135-40 to +851.7 to 5.5Active LowLGA-4X-Axis
3RR122-1A23-511RR122-1A23-511Omnipolar9510.135-40 to +1251.7 to 5.5Active LowSOT-23-3X-Axis
4RR122-1A23-512RR122-1A23-512Omnipolar9510.135-40 to +1251.7 to 5.5Active LowLGA-4X-Axis
5RR122-1A52-511RR122-1A52-511Omnipolar952501.2-40 to +851.7 to 5.5Active LowSOT-23-3X-Axis
6RR122-1A53-511RR122-1A53-511Omnipolar952501.2-40 to +1251.7 to 5.5Active LowSOT-23-3X-Axis
7RR122-1B12-511RR122-1B12-511Omnipolar30202.07-40 to +851.7 to 5.5Active LowSOT-23-3X-Axis
8RR122-1B12-512RR122-1B12-512Omnipolar30202.07-40 to +851.7 to 5.5Active LowLGA-4X-Axis
9RR122-1B13-511RR122-1B13-511Omnipolar30202.07-40 to +1251.7 to 5.5Active LowSOT-23-3X-Axis
10RR122-1B13-512RR122-1B13-512Omnipolar30202.07-40 to +1251.7 to 5.5Active LowLGA-4X-Axis
Coto Part NumberDatasheetMagnetic Polarity ResponseMagnetic Sensitivity Range Minimum (G)Magnetic Sensitivity Range Maximum (G)Frequency (Hz)IAVG (µA)Temp Rating (ºC)Supply Voltage (VDD)Output ResponsePackageAxis of Sensitivity
RR112-1G42-531Linear Analog-80.00801001.50-40 to 851.7 to 5.5Analog VoltageSOT-23-3X-Axis
RR112-1G42-532Linear Analog-80.00801001.50-40 to 851.7 to 5.5Analog VoltageLGA-4X-Axis
RR112-1G43-531Linear Analog-80.00801001.50-40 to +1251.7 to 5.5Analog VoltageSOT-23-3X-Axis
RR112-1G42-532Linear Analog-80.00801001.50-40 to +1251.7 to 5.5Analog VoltageLGA-4X-Axis
RR111-1DC2-331Linear Analog-10.0010Continuous1,500.00-40 to +852.7 to 3.6Analog VoltageSOT-23-3X-Axis
RR111-1DC2-332Linear Analog-10.0010Continuous1,500.00-40 to +852.7 to 3.6Analog VoltageLGA-4X-Axis


  • 近接検知
  • 回転センサー
  • 液体のレベル検知
  • ドアの開閉検知
  • 公共サービス用メーター
  • 携帯医療機器
  • モーター制御機器
  • 一般向け電化製品
  • アラーム

Security Sensors - Using RedRock® TMR Magnetic Sensors in Security Applications

Security applications use magnetic sensing in their devices to detect the unauthorized opening of a door or window. The main mechanism typically consists of a digital magnetic sensor and a magnet that are close to each other when the door/window is closed. In the event of an intrusion, the magnet moves away from the sensor, an action which is designed to trigger an alarm. While the application is fairly simple, the requirements of the sensor are significant. Featuring RedRock® TMR magnetic sensors’ extremely low power consumption, high sensitivity, ultra-miniature size and high degree of robustness and reliability, this brief video demonstrates TMR to be the ideal solution when used in security devices.

Proximity Sensing with RedRock® TMR Magnetic Sensors

RedRock® TMR magnetic sensors can be used in a wide variety of proximity applications such as detecting the opening/closure of an automatic sliding gate or detecting position of a linear actuator or a conveyor belt. This brief video demonstrates an example using feedback from a TMR sensor to stop a moving motor. Requirements met by the TMR sensors are high reliability, extremely low current drain (which is important if the device is battery powered) and a high level of sensitivity.

Device "Wake-Up" Sensors - using RedRock® TMR Magnetic Sensors

To conserve battery power, many devices are kept “asleep” or turned off until the time is right for them to operate. When the device is removed from its enclosure, a sensor is used to trigger its “wake-up.” In this brief video, this function is explained and demonstrated using a RedRock® TMR magnetic sensor within a medical pill camera device which requires the sensor to be tiny, highly sensitive and able to operate within a hermetically-sealed environment while using nearly zero power.

Overview - Gen 2.0 TMR Demo Board (Tony Parakka)

Coto Technology Applications Engineer, Tony Parakka, provides a peek at Coto's newest 2.0 Generation demo board featuring RedRock TMR magnetic sensor products: RR111 (Analog Output); RR120 (Digital Unipolar Sensor); RR121 (Bipolar Digital Latching) and RR121 (Digital Omnipolar ). This video serves as a basic overview of the different products. Engineers can opt to see more in-depth, functional discussions on each individual product in Coto's new 4-video series of Engineering Discussions.