MOSFET Relay Selector Tool


Use the table below to select a relay based on specific parameters. Enter as few or as many parameters as you wish.

wdt_IDCoto Part NumberContact FormPackage StyleLoad Voltage (V)Load Current (mA)Ron Typ. _Cout Typ. (pF)Turn On Time Typ. (mS)Turn Off Time Typ. (mS)
1C208S1ASOP-4 Pin1001506.00500.300.10
2C217S1ASOP-4 Pin601307.00500.300.10
3CS230-HC1ASMD-4 Pin35013022.00410.300.05
4C212S1ASOP-4 Pin604000.83500.300.10
5CT136-HT1ADIP-6 Pin605000.124702.200.40
6CS136-HT1ASMD-6 Pin605000.124702.200.40
7C236S-HT1ASOP-4 Pin603500.131151.000.60
8C226S1ASOP-4 Pin402,0000.092400.500.04
9C326S2ASOP-8 Pin401,6000.092400.500.04
10CT2261ADIP-4 Pin402,0000.092400.500.05