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RedRock® TMR Sensors Featured on MikroE’s new Click Board
Coto has collaborated with MikroE in their new TMR mix-sens Click Board to target product development engineers who currently use or might use the MikroE ecosystem to speed prototype and development of products using Coto RedRock® TMR magnetic sensors.

May 11, 2020 — In collaboration with Coto Technology,  MikroE, an industry leader in embedded computing development platforms, has incorporated RedRock® TMR magnetic sensing capabilities onto a MikroE Click board form factor.  The TMR mix-sens Click Board is supported by a mikroSDK compliant library, which includes functions that simplify software development.  This Click board™ comes as a fully tested product, ready to be used on a wide variety of system development platforms equipped with the mikroBUS™ socket.    TMR mix-sens Click is targeted towards development engineers who currently use or might use the MikroE ecosystem to speed prototype and development of products using Coto RedRock® TMR magnetic sensors.

The TMR mix-sens Click board contains three RedRock® TMR sensors, the RR121-1A22-311, the RR121-3C63-311 and the RR111-1DC2-331. In addition to its seamless integration to MikroE’s ecosystem it also mimics the demonstration capabilities of the popular RR1EK3-002 RedRock® TMR Magnetic Sensor Demonstration Kit with LEDS that illuminate to indicate the sensing of magnetic fields.   The TMR mix-sens Click board is available today from distributors such as Digi-Key and Mouser under manufacturer part number MIKROE-4106 with a list price of $19.00.

New TMR Analog Magnetic Sensor Product Released
Coto Technology’s RedRock™ RR111 Series TMR Analog Magnetic Sensors offer high sensitivity and an even smaller package size than previous TMR analog technologies.

Coto Technology has announced the release of its new RedRock™ RR111 Series wafer-based TMR (Tunneling Magnetoresistance) analog sensors.  Offering extremely strong magnetic sensitivity in an ultra-miniature package size at a highly-competitive price, the RR111 analog sensor is ideally suited for liquid level sensing, precision linear proximity detection, linear positioners and encoders and anti-tampering applications. Available in both a tiny 1.4 x 1.4 x .45mm LGA-4 device package and an industry standard SOT-23-3 package, the RedRock™ RR111 fits well into space-constrained applications such as insulin management, ingestibles, and implantable devices that all need to be hermetically sealed.  With its high sensitivity, the RR111 operates continuously, changing its output voltage based on the applied magnetic field strength. The highly linear response of the RR111 provides reliable functionality with a wide range of magnets across wide activation distances.

Price & Delivery

The Coto Technology RedRock™ RR111-1DC2-331 and RR111-1DC2-332 TMR analog magnetic sensor are immediately available through Coto’s distributors at a single unit price under $1.00 (with high volume application pricing below $0.25).

More Information

Coto’s RedRock line of TMR magnetic sensors and switches also includes the RR121 and RR122 Series digital sensors and switches, each catering to the needs of advanced magnetic sensing applications.  All offer high sensitivity and ultra-low power consumption in small and ultra-miniature device packaging.

For information and videos on Coto Technology’s RedRock™ line of sensor & switch products, please visit the Videos Tab on Coto’s Website Resource Library Page or email    Additionally, Coto’s engineers (at ) are readily available to answer your questions about how RedRock™ TMR products can work with your application.

Coto Technology Awarded “Best of Show” (Silver) at Sensors Midwest 2017
New RedRock TMR Magnetic Sensors capture attention of Electronic Engineers/Designers

Rosemont, IL – Coto Technology has been awarded Sensors Midwest’s Best of Show “Silver” award for its newly-released RedRock TMR RR121 Magnetic Sensor.  Seeking to replace aging magnetic sensor technology, the RR121 represents a huge breakthrough for design engineers seeking the lowest possible power consumption and highest sensitivity in an ultra-miniature package.  Released on October 3, the RR121 magnetic sensor series will address new generation requirements in multiple markets including medical, industrial, security, white goods and automotive.  Design engineers using older technology switches and sensors will no longer have to suffer the detractions in power, size, sensitivity and cost – and will now have greater flexibility and reliability as well as cost efficiency.  The RR121 offers the lowest power, highest sensitivity in the smallest package available in the world!

The RR121 is ideal for applications including medical, industrial, consumer, automotive, security, and energy industries where very low average current consumption, high sensitivity, and a small package size are required.  Specific medical applications include portable and battery-powered medical devices like ingestibles and implantables that are hermetically sealed and need a way to be triggered without compromising their protective encasement.  Many of these devices, such as capsule endoscopes, remain in “standby mode” on a doctor’s shelf for up to 18 months – so battery power conservation is critical.  The small size of these types of medical devices and the need for hermetic seals to survive the gastrointestinal tract necessitates a tiny, contactless means for “waking up” the microprocessor from outside of the body. Magnetic sensors are also used in some hearing aids to provide a means of mode

switching, whether it be for turning the device on or off, performing diagnostic checks, or tuning the hearing aid’s response when a telephone speaker is brought near the ear.  The RR121 is ideal for consumer appliances requiring accurate liquid level measurement, such as dishwashers, washing machines, coffeemakers, and refrigerators. The RR121 can replace historically-used large reed switches to provide a more accurate measure of the liquid level, saving energy, water usage, and costs for consumers while improving sustainability for the environment. It can also be used to measure flow of both liquids and gases in these same applications to ensure that the devices are operating accurately. That flow measurement can also be utilized in residential and commercial water meters to provide accurate reporting of usage while the unipolar response can act as an additional inherent resistance to tampering.  With regard to utility meters, the RR121 can replace reed switches used in the rotational counting common to gas and electric meters as well as provide a fail-safe activation method for the wireless circuit that facilitates remote measurement as advanced metering systems replace aging infrastructure in the US and overseas.  The RR121 also provides a smaller, more robust solution for residential and commercial security systems. Its small size and high sensitivity allow it to be embedded into doors jams and window sills to monitor their opening and closing and prevent unauthorized entry. They can even be integrated with ambient light sensors as part of automated window blinds that adjust to reduce solar heating, saving homes and businesses on HVAC energy costs.


The Coto Technology RedRock RR121 TMR magnetic sensor is immediately available through Coto’s distributors at a single unit price of $1.00 (with high volume application pricing well below $0.50).


For more information or questions on RedRock™ as well as the rest of Coto Technology’s complete line of sensor & switch products, please visit or email .   For questions about how to convert your bare glass reed switch designs to higher reliability, more cost effective TMR solutions, please contact

Coto Adds New Partners in France and Israel

Coto welcomes to iSC-Distrel and DSL Components to our global channel partner network.  iSC-Distrel serves as a Coto Technology product Distributor and https://cotorelay Agent in France.  Being firmly established in the French market and well known as a highly service-oriented technical distributor, iSC-Distrell is a welcome addition as Coto’s local channel partner in France .
In addition, DSL Components (and in particular Mr. David Lipener), now represents Coto in the Israel market place.  Adding a local representative with more than 30 years of experience within the electronics industry allows us to enhance our service – as well as market reach – in Israel.  Please join us in welcoming DSL Components to our global channel network.

Notice! Some Mercury (HG) Products will Soon Be Obsolete!

Obsolete HG Parts List

Some parts within these HG series will soon be obsolete. Click on this image to open a .pdf file showing which products will remain active & which will soon be obsolete

March 14, 2016

Re: Notification of Discontinuance of Certain Mercury Relays

In 2007 Coto acquired the assets of SRC Devices.  As part of the acquisition there were over 500 different Mercury parts that were in the portfolio.  Since then we have been utilizing components manufactured by a number of former SRC Vendors, many of which are no longer supporting components, either due to tool wear or a number of other factors.  In addition, there are several parts that have not had any requirements in the ensuing 8 year period.  At this point, Coto does not intend to invest or support selected parts within the following part families, which will be considered obsolete effective immediately. The list of specific parts is too large to include in this notification, so we have provided a link to a PDF file listing all of Coto’s Mercury products – both active and obsolete.   If you would like a sortable, .xls version of this file, you can request one from

This action is specific to the listed part numbers designated as “obsolete.” All “active” parts that will continue to be supported are also included in the list to ensure clear direction for parts available for general sale.

As there is a considerable installed base for these discontinued parts we realize that some of you may want to request LTB’s (Last Time Buys).  Please contact your Account Manager for review within the next 30 days.  Please understand that if we are able to support LTB parts then there will be minimum lot sizes and setup costs, assuming components can be made available.



New 2362 SMD, 2 Form C Relay Offers Long Life / Reliability

Coto Technology has a developed a surface mountable 2 Form C reed relay designed for high reliability and long life. Coto Technology 2362 2-Form C Relay

Coto Technology, Inc. has announced the development and release of the new Coto 2362 Series surface mountable 2 Form C relay. The 2362, which is a surface mount version of Coto’s popular 2342 2-Form C pico relay, offers a proven reed design with longer life than competing 2-Form C EMR products. The 2362 is ideally suited to the needs of automated test, instrumentation and telecommunication applications to increase system reliability and life where high density is required.

The 2362 has a lead time of 10-12 weeks. A detailed datasheet on the new 2362 Series is available on Coto’s website.



Coto Technology has just released the 9913 Series ultra-miniature surface mount reed relay. The 9913 has the smallest footprint available in the market.Coto Technology 9913 Series Ultra-Miniature Reed Relay

Coto Technology, Inc. has announced the release of the 9913 ultra-miniature surface mount reed relay. With a footprint of only 0.054 in2, the 9913 has the smallest footprint available in the market today. The 9913 Series is ideally suited to the needs of the Automated Test Equipment, Instrumentation, and Telecommunications designer.

The Coto Technology 9913 Series surface mount reed relay is available in a compact J-Bend SMD package and includes a standard external magnetic shield for reduced magnetic interaction and to maximize density where high pin count and high performance is required.   As with all Coto relays, the 9913 Series is 100% tested. In addition to having high-reliability, hermetically-sealed contacts for long life, the 9913 is RoHS compliant.

The Coto Technology 9913 Series is available for immediate delivery through Coto’s distribution partners; high-volume lead times range 12 to 14 weeks. A detailed datasheet for the 9913 Series with mechanical drawings and electrical specifications is available by download on Coto’s website.

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