RedRock® RR122-3CU2-515 & RR122-3CU3-515 TMR Digital Push-Pull Magnetic Sensor

The RedRock® RR122-3CU2-515 and RR122-3CU3-515 are digital magnetic sensors ideal for use in medical, industrial, automotive, and consumer applications, based on patented Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) technology with seamless CMOS integration.

The RR122-3CU2-515 and RR122-3CU3 feature an operate sensitivity of 10 G (1.0 mT) with a bipolar magnetic field response. They offer a wide supply voltage range from 1.7 up to 5.5 V, ideal for applications ranging from small battery-powered electronics to industrial machinery. They have an ultra low power consumption (600 nA) for an active magnetic sensor as well as operating frequencies up to 10 kHz and high operating temperature ranges from -40°C up to 125°C.

The RR122-3CU2-515 and RR122-3CU3 have an available “turbo” mode that can be toggled via an input pin when faster than usual sampling is required. When provided a logic “high” signal from a microcontroller or similar, it switches the base internal clock frequency up to 10 kHz. This is particularly useful maximizing battery life in applications involving intermittent high speed rotation sensing, where a slow clock is sufficient to detect the start of rotation but then a faster sampling period is needed to ensure that no rotations are missed.

RR122-3CU2-515 & RR122-3CU3-515 Series Features

  • Operate sensitivity from -10 G to +10 G
  • Ultra Low Power Consumption < 600 nA
  • Wide Supply Voltage Ranges Available Down to 1.7V, Up to 5.5V
  • Bipolar Latching Push-Pull Response
  • Operating Frequencies up to 10 kHz
  • Toggleable 10 kHz “Turbo Mode” Available
  • Temperature Rated up to 125°C
  • RoHS & REACH Compliant


  • Proximity Detection
  • Linear Position Sensing
  • Rotary Sensing
  • Fluid Level Detection
  • Door & Lid Closure Detection
  • Utility Meters
  • Portable Medical Devices
  • Motor Controllers
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Wake-Up μProcessor

RR122-3CU2-515 & RR122-3CU3-515 SERIES DIMENSION

In Millimeters (Inches)
  • SOT-5 Dimensions